-About Us-

"Don't look back.

Everything you want is in front of you!"

Chase out of blocks
Rylie running
Ashlyn biting medal

Our Team

The Iowa Speed Youth Track & Field Club is made up of young athletes from Eastern Iowa ages kindergarten through high school.  Our club welcomes all ranges of track and field skill, knowledge and experience level.  We pride ourselves on opening the door to any young athlete wishing to learn more about the sport, learn how to live a healthy fitness life and desires to be a part of a positive team atmosphere.

Our Story

Iowa Speed Youth Track & Field Club was launched in 2011 by Joey and Heather Woody.  Both were successful high school and Division I collegiate athletes at the University of Northern Iowa.  Joey Woody went on to race the Professional Track & Field Circuit for 11 years for the USA.  With a driving passion for not only the sport, but also for developing young athletes in our own communities and state, the Woody team devotes their energy and enthusiasm along with their expertise to the sport and toward building a positive, motivating environment for all athletes.

Our Objectives

  • To provide young athletes with the opportunity to learn and develop within the sport of track and field.
  • To build a positive sports and health environment for young athletes to have fun, learn and build confidence.
  • To train, encourage and expect positive mindsets and attitudes.